Active Living, Inspired Life


At Ichor, we specialize in creating monitoring systems that allow groups and individuals
to track their activity and fitness levels, minimizing risk and maximizing results.

No matter your client’s current condition, we’ll help you fine-tune
a solution that will get them to peak performance.


Manage your team in ways never before possible. Gain insights into their activity levels to help you perfectly plan every practice. Use metrics like heart rate and hours of sleep to avoid injuries and keep athletes in top physical condition.


Increase the longevity of guests’ stay by keeping them happy and healthy. Motivate guests by keeping track of their progress and rewarding them for their effort. Keep families in constant contact with their loved ones and allow them to stay updated with the guest’s progress.


Track client engagement more accurately than ever. Get helpful recommendations for hydration and nutrition. Use internal load monitoring to keep workouts as effective as possible. Motivate clients to come back by carefully monitoring their workout schedules.