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With Ichor, You Can:


Access 24/7 Performance & Wellness Monitoring

The Ichor Sports system gives coaches access to information that was previously unavailable, with 24/7 insights into their athletes’ well-being. This well-being is formed by athletic performance, but it is maintained through through the individual’s personal wellness. At Ichor, we call this the athlete’s Competitive Health.


The insights gained from Ichor system allow the coach to train his team more effectively and efficiently than ever before by tapping directly into the athlete’s Competitive Health. With Ichor, coaches can know which athletes will be more prone to a mental error due to lack of sleep, or which athletes need to take a day off because their practice mileage has hit its weekly limit. This knowledge equips coaches to push each athlete to their limit while maintaining their safety, allowing the athletes to perform their best in both practice and competition.



Fine-Tune Practices to Perfection

Both on and off the field, an athlete’s performance is determined by his or her training habits. Unfortunately, for the coach, these can be hard to quantify. To solve this, the Ichor system utilizes wearables for round-the-clock monitoring. This allows coaches to receive data to plan and execute a well-rounded training regimen that can be optimized to each player’s strengths.


To maximize its effectiveness, the Ichor system monitors and analyzes on-field performance factors like heart rate, distance, and calories burned; as well as off-field wellness factors like hours slept, daily caloric expenditure, and activity levels.


The data is then presented in a simple and accessible format so that it can be used by coaches to fine-tune to practices and workouts. Using Ichor, coaches can keep practices strenuous but safe, and ensure that athletes are always Game Ready.


Maximize In-Game Performance

While some say that winning isn’t everything, we’re a company founded by athletes: winning is in our DNA. The ultimate goal of any athlete wellness program will always hinge on in-game success, but in order to achieve this the team has to be performing at its peak over the course of an entire season without letdown.


In collegiate athletics, constant success is almost impossible. Student athletes are asked to do more now than ever before, while still being held to the same accountability in the win/loss column. The stress put on players to constantly perform is one of the leading causes behind the increase in overuse injuries we see today.


Not much is being done to combat the rise of overuse injuries in collegiate sports, even though most of these injuries are completely preventable. Overuse injuries are one of the key problems Ichor set out to solve. By empowering coaches with technology to see exactly how their players are performing and what their needs are, we enable them to intelligently train the total athlete. The insights Ichor provides will ease loads on athletes, combat overuse, and keep athletes Game Ready.

Did you know?


Percent of Athletes who Slept 8 or More Hours Were Less Likely to be Injured


Million children and adolescents participate in sports in the US


Million children receive medical treatment for sports injuries


Percent of 15 to 17 year olds sleep less than 7 hours a night

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Ichor Sports is a complete 24/7 sleep, workout and wellness monitoring system designed to help coaches avoid injuries and push players further than ever before using real-time objective activity tracking.