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Manage workouts, prevent injuries and maximize gains with Ichor Sports Monitoring.
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With the Ichor system, all your important player metrics are available at the press of a button and presented in an accessible and intuitive format. Quick updates mean you’ll never be in the dark.


Our goal at Ichor is to give coaches access to technology in a way that fits their schedule. Our dashboard provides a snapshot of your team’s performance and wellness for easy access on-the-go, any time.


Need to get a feel for how rested your position group will be at today’s practice, but don’t have time to wade through every player’s stats? With the dashboard you’ll have all the information you need in 15 seconds, which you can immediately use to further the well-being of your team.


With the Watchlist, you can easily customize a group of players for quick and easy access to their data.


Our company is was founded by athletes, so we know the story: every coach is overworked and understaffed. Our Watchlist helps you cut through the clutter by focusing your efforts on the players that need your oversight the most. By adding players to your Watchlist, you will be able to gain in-depth analytics on those players at a glance and keep track of them through the app.


Have three scorers that your team’s performance depends on? Add those players to your Watchlist and you can get quick insights about them in your Dashboard, Charts, and Workout pages.



Keep up with your athletes’ sleep, daily caloric burn, miles walked or ran, and resting heart rate in order to gauge their activity, exertion, and fatigue.


These metrics can then be tracked over time to better understand recovery and attempt to keep your athletes from being over-trained. Ensure that each athlete is informed on their sleep habits, meeting their nutritional goals, and not overextending themselves before competition day.


Every coach understand the interconnectivity of training and recovery, but with our system, coaches are able to keep track of hard data that shows how these two metrics are intertwined. Knowledge is power, and in the world of competitive athletics, every inch matters.


Monitor a player’s metrics over time to see not only how they improve, but also how they compare to another player, a group of players, or the rest of the team.


Player performance and wellness trends need to be tracked over time, and our Charts page gives coaches the ability to do just that. Get a feel for what your athletes’ days actually look like so you can identify and address any problem areas.


The Charts page is also a great tool to impress upon an individual athlete the need to sleep more or eat better with the hard data to back it up. Inspire an athlete to improve by comparing his or her progress to the rest of the team.



Whether the athlete is under supervision or training on their own, coaches can understand and quantify effort, intensity, and progress.


Technology is the future of athletics, and that future should be for every athlete. Our workout and practice tracking system enables coaches at every level to gain valuable insights into their athletes’ workloads on a budget they can afford. Track heart rate, heart rate zones, internal loads, distance traveled, and calories burned in order to better understand your athletes’ exertion.


Our internal load score gives coaches a quick and easy way to track practice exertion of each athlete, and of practice on the whole. With this ability, you can monitor each athlete day-to-day and ensure that they are not being over-trained.


As an added bonus, check out our hydration guidance in order to ensure your athletes are replenishing the correct amount of fluids after a training session.


Reports accessible by phone, computer, or email provide insight to coaches and staff about the competitive health of their athletes.


These reports are here for you when you need something to print out and put on Coach’s desk. They identify how hard practice was on the whole and how hard each position group and player worked. The reports can easily identify who was “hiding” in practice and who was giving it their all.


Most importantly, these reports cut through the mounds of data and simplify it into a few quick metrics that every coach can use to make decisions with.


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Ichor Sports is a complete 24/7 sleep, workout and wellness monitoring system designed to help coaches avoid injuries and push players further than ever before using real-time objective activity tracking.