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No matter how well a player knows their sport, if he or she is out of shape, winning just isn’t gonna happen. No one knows this better than Strength Coaches. Ichor Sports helps coaches push players without breaking them.
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Strength Coaches

No matter how well a player knows their sport, if he or she is out of shape, winning just isn’t gonna happen. No one knows this better than Strength Coaches. However, working a player too hard can leave them exhausted or even cause an injury. One of the biggest challenges for a Strength Coach is finding the perfect balance of driving players toward success without pushing them beyond their physical limits.


Ichor Sports helps coaches push players without breaking them. Using four benchmarks, Ichor gives coaches insights about their players that were never before possible, helping them craft a perfect training regimen for their team that can be personalized to fit every player’s needs.

Practice Makes Perfect, So Make Perfect Practices

One of the key ways Ichor helps coaches monitor how hard they’re pushing players is through heart rate monitoring. Using this benchmark, coaches can see for how hard different drills or workouts are based on how high their players’ heart rate is, making it easier than ever to design practices that work. Craft tough, demanding practices early in the week using the drills you know are the hardest, then ease up as the week goes on with less-strenuous workouts that help players recover and be in shape to play on game day.

Customize Practices & Eliminate Problem Areas

Heart rate tracking can also be used to help find a player’s Internal Load score. The Internal Load is found by taking the player’s heart rate and comparing it to their Rate of Perceived Exertion – how hard the player thought the workout was. Have each player fill out a questionnaire rating each drill by how hard it felt to him or her, then compare it to how hard the drill was supposed to feel. If there’s a discrepancy between how hard a practice should be and how hard players are actually working, you’ll be able to identify the problem quickly and work toward solving it immediately.

Help Players Recover

However, one of the best features of Ichor Sports is its ability to track how many hours of sleep players are getting at night. With the increasing pressure put on athletes to excel, getting players to take the time they need to rest and recover can be difficult. But players simply cannot play their best if they’re exhausted, and lack of sleep can increase the likelihood for sports-related injuries by more than 70%. With Ichor Sports, coaches can give players and families hard, objective data to help emphasize just how important sleep is. Coaches can keep their players healthy and boost their performance on game day just by ensuring they take the time their bodies need to recover during the week.

Quick Feedback = Quick Results

All of your player’s benchmarks can be found at the touch of a button from any smartphone or computer. Coaches can easily organize players into groups by position, ability, or any other factor. You can see how hard different players are working when deciding starters, show one player how he stacks up to the rest of the team, or monitor a group of players to make sure they’re meeting their goals. Use those metrics to make quick changes on the fly that help lead your team to success.

Ichor Sports is the 24/7 sleep, workout and total wellness application. Get objective data and drive real results using devices your athletes will want to wear!

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Ichor Sports is a complete 24/7 sleep, workout and wellness monitoring system designed to help coaches avoid injuries and push players further than ever before using real-time objective activity tracking.