Why Ichor?

Measuring Activity to Build Relationships

Repurposing the same technology we use to monitor athletes and help build them to their peaks, we can also help seniors lead more active lives. Using Ichor technology, we can keep track of the distances they cover and get fast and measurable metrics including heart rate, calories burned, and their hours of sleep.


Easily Accessible Wellness Monitoring

Using off-the-shelf wearables and synced directly to any smartphone, computer, or email address, the metrics Ichor tracks are available at the touch of a button. Ichor also cuts away the fat, giving you the metrics that matter most and presented in a way that’s easy to understand and utilize, both for care providers and for families. This information is available 24/7/365, so you’re always connected.

Active Body, Peace of Mind

With the Dashboard, care providers can give families peace of mind that was previously unreachable. The solid, unbiased metrics combined with improved health and happiness of the seniors leave ease the transition into assisted living for everyone involved.


Did You Know?


Million Americans are Sleep Deprived


Times more likely to catch a cold with less than 6 hours of sleep


Percent of seniors reporting lower onset of loneliness after increasing physical activity


Minutes of exercise a week increases sleep quality by 65%

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Ichor Wellness is a complete Wellness Monitoring system intended to help residents
lead longer, happier lives by staying active and involved in their communities.