For every senior care resident, there is a family at home worrying about their wellbeing. Ichor wants to close that disconnect by offering 24/7 insight into the daily lives of residents. Although unfortunate realities make it difficult to spend every day with loved ones, our system offers peace of mind in knowing they are healthy and active. Data is collected around the clock so families can be there for their loved ones step-by-step.


Many studies show that physical activity not only increases the lifespan of those in senior living facilities, but it also decreases the rate of depression and loneliness. Ichor believes that, by helping caregivers monitor the activity levels of the people they supervise, it can promote a health-conscious culture, resulting in increased activity and improved mental health.


The data collected can also show long-term improvements and abnormalities. If a resident’s activity has slowly decreased over a few months, it could be an indication of declining health. Additionally, you can watch loved ones blossom as they gradually increase their activity over time. Ichor wants families to be just as involved in their loved one’s daily lives as the facility’s staff.

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Ichor Wellness is a complete Wellness Monitoring system intended to help residents
lead longer, happier lives by staying active and involved in their communities.