Using the Ichor system, all the important metrics are available at the press of a button, presented in a format that’s intuitive and easy to understand. Caregivers and families alike will be able to quickly get updates about the status of their loved ones. This information is available 24/7/365 from any smart phone, tablet, or computer. With Ichor Wellness, you’ll never be in the dark.


For caretakers, the Dashboard allows you to get a rundown of all the members under your care at a glance. Congratulate those who are excelling, encourage those who are falling behind, and help find solutions for those in need.


The Dashboard features four key metrics: miles walked, resting heart rate, calories burned, and hours of sleep at night. Using these four metrics, caregivers can identify some potential problems before they arise and keep everyone in the best level of wellness possible.



No matter how well-staffed and equipped, caregivers can’t see everything at once. The Watchlist feature helps caregivers cover blind spots and keep track of all their residents at a glance.


With the Watchlist, caregivers can organize members into lists as they see fit, giving them quick access to the metrics of members who are more at risk, organize members of different communities, and more.


Have a certain group of members that are at similar activity levels? Put them all in the same watchlist and use that as a source for friendly competition as they work toward walking more and staying fit.


The best way for a senior to stay healthy is just to get out and walk every day. With Ichor Wellness, caregivers can get by-the-minute updates about how their communities are doing. This means that caregivers can push the members of their community to get out and be more active without pushing them too hard or risking injury.


With Ichor Wellness, caregivers will have full access to the key metrics of all their residents. With these, caregivers can create a walking and activity regimen that is fine-tuned and personalized to each resident’s needs.



Especially as people age, the recovery period can be just as important as the physical activity. With the metrics Ichor Wellness tracks, supervisors can provide care that is customized to perfectly fit the senior’s needs in a way that was never before possible.


Ichor Wellness helps keep patients safe. As people age, avoiding injury during physical activity becomes increasingly more difficult. With Ichor, caregivers have access to metrics that help them build activity plans for residents that are safe, meaning longer stays and a happier community.

Compare & COMPETE

Ichor is a company made of former athletes, and we believe that healthy, friendly competition is one of the best motivators for success.


A great use of the Ichor system is to introduce a sense of competition between community members. As they complete their walks and hit their daily step goals, they’ll gain an extra sense of self-motivation and bragging rights as they try to beat their friends.


Better yet, competition gives caregivers the opportunity to reward residents for a job well done, building relationships between members of the community.


Comprehensive Reports

One of the biggest advantages of Ichor Wellness is the comprehensive reporting available to caregivers and family members. The Ichor application can be used to show exactly how much activity a resident is getting, and caregivers can track his or her metrics over time to demonstrate the progress being made.


This means that supervisors can show families solid, unbiased reports to show exactly how community members are improving and staying active throughout the week. Families can then rest assured that their loved ones are getting the best, most comprehensive care possible, with the hard data to prove it.

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Ichor Wellness is a complete Wellness Monitoring system intended to help residents
lead longer, happier lives by staying active and involved in their communities.