Ichor Wellness is designed to help seniors live longer, happier lives. With our activity tracking technology, we can help you build an activity schedule that works. Using Ichor, you can track the miles you’ve walked, the calories you’ve burned, your heart rate, and the hours of sleep you’re getting at night. With these, you and your health care providers can help create a schedule that keeps you as active as possible.


Why so much focus on activity? Simply put, it combats EVERYTHING. Major health issues like heart disease, arthritis, obesity, and more can all be fought just by getting up and walking every day. Regular physical activity can even help people keep mental health issues like depression at bay. And because of the metrics that Ichor tracks, your health care providers can give you even better, more personalized care.


But what really sets Ichor apart is that it makes staying active fun. Using the Charts page lets you compare your activity levels against your friends, and always gives you and your family something to talk about. Using the Ichor Wellness system, you’ll be more connected than ever to the people around you.

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Ichor Wellness is a complete Wellness Monitoring system intended to help residents
lead longer, happier lives by staying active and involved in their communities.